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Hotel on the Park
Durban, South Africa
I booked 3 nights at this hotel a month ago and had a confirmed reservation through Credit card charged at the time too. I get an email today saying that the hotel was " unable to accept the reservation for my stay from Nov 11, 2011. I feel I have been grossly mislead by the hotel or
Tropicana Hotel
Durban, South Africa
I stayed in Tropicana Hotel in Durban on the 16th and checked out on the 18th. I booked for two nights but when I arrived there, I found that i was booked for three nights. I asked them to correct my booking to two night which was done. They deducted money for two nights on my debit card and I...
Tried a booking there for December 2009. They not only charge a fortune for a two-adults stay but they will charge adult rates for children even if they stay in adult room and if you have a third child they will provide a mattress on the floor and yet will charge again adult rate for it. Needless to say we...
Garden Court Marine Parade
Durban, South Africa
Will never stay in the hotel, for the price you pay it is a rip off. Dirty carpets, down run furniture, terrible smell in the rooms, swimming pool not up to standard.Staff more concerned about their private phone calls than attending to clients. Unfriendly and not helpfull at all. Whole set up in entrance hall not welcoming at all. How...
Calabash Inn B&B & Conferencing
Durban, South Africa
I booked this place on 28th October 2008 for eight people in June 2009. They asked for full payment and this was agreed. Now on 28th January 2009 they claim to be overbooked. If this is how they run their business then perhaps we have had a lucky escape and will be going elsewhere. Or is it just a simple...
Southern Sun North Beach
Durban, South Africa
When we arrived at the hotel we 1stly waited 20min for a porter and then we were told by reception that all porters are too busy with other clients. 2ndly, we had the "do not disturb" sign on the door after check-in as we wanted to rest from the long drive, yet the maid walked into the room which had...
Blue Waters Hotel
Durban, South Africa
The website pics do not truely reflect the rooms and the French luxury must have been left in France. It leaves a lot to be desired in terms of cleanliness, had to move bedside table to access a power point and doubt behind the beds have been cleaned in the last 10 years or so. Carpets badly stained, balcony filthy...
Coastlands on the Ridge
Durban, South Africa
Brand new business hotel by a mall north of Durban decorated to a fairly high spec but in very dubious taste. The rooms are quite large. Seems to be run by an untrained skeleton crew. No wifi in most of the rooms and no cables for the LAN which the staff insist doesn't work anyway. Kitchen closed the night I...
Hotel 64 on Gordon
Durban, South Africa
Ive stayed at this hotel numerous ones before, but have to say it is disappointing to see a clear lack of any form on interest from staff, or management. You know something is up when not a single TV channel in the room works, all 10 programmed ones display error messages claiming the payTV subscription has not been paid! Combine...
Balmoral Hotel
Durban, South Africa
The hotel building itself has an old, a bit shabby but quite historic air about it and is well situated at Durban's beach parade, part of which is rather noisy with music til 10 p.m. Our room was ok except for a large puddle of water from the AC that soaked the carpeting (and our socks). Unfortunately, the female personell...
The Palms Guesthouse
Durban, South Africa
The Palms has lovely rooms and our hostess, Colleen, at first, seemed very gracious and helpful. However, although we booked three nights, we decided to stay only one night when Colleen advised it was not safe to walk two blocks to the restaurant she recommended. She was extremely supportive about our decision to check out the next day and made...
Beach Hotel
Durban, South Africa
This hotel does not have good first impressions. Standing from the outside, it looks like it is about to fall down and is in need of a full clean. This impression does not improve as you walk inside. The best looking part of the hotel is the lift! Cockroaches were walking everywhere, showers are located right next to hallways so...
Durban, South Africa
Erlesmere does look fantastic, but I unfortunately didn't get the opportunity to stay there, since my booking was 'lost'. Travelling out from London to a friend's wedding, we picked erlesmere as it was only a couple of blocks from the wedding. I had chatted to gloria extensively by email (where she insisted I not bother paying a deposit), and I...
Albany Hotel
Durban, South Africa
This is not a good hotel to stay in. What you see on the website is clearly not what you will get. I was overwhelmed by the smells lurking in the hotel rooms and especially the corridors. The lifts are very old and the whole place looks like it needs some renovation. I constantly felt very unsafe the whole time...
Riviera Hotel
Durban, South Africa
This hotel is a complete dump. The rooms stink - infact the whole hotel stinks. Sheets were a bit dirty, carpet was minging. Staff could do to be a bit nicer on arrival too other than just saying 'your bill is........'. Area round about the hotel is a dump too.
Where do I begin about this hotel ? When we reached at about 10:30 PM the first shock was when we realized there's no one to carry our luggage to the rooms. We were two families with two small kids & had to carry all the luggage with the kids. The lone receptionist heaved a big sigh of relief after...
Hilton Durban
Durban, South Africa
The Hilton Durban does many things right. The hotel restaurants have really good food. The breakfast buffet is the best part of the hotel. Many offerings, well prepared. Restaurant service is excellent. The lobby restaurant serves tasty snacks and meals, including fish and chips and local favorite "Bunny Chow", curried meats served in hollowed out loaves of bread. Unfortunately the...
Docklands Hotel
Durban, South Africa
We booked three rooms at the Docklands Hotel for one night and paid up front. We requested that two of the rooms have cots and that we can check in 2 hours early to get dressed for a wedding. Upon our arrival we were told that our booking was lost, they had no proof of payment and that our rooms...